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  • Durability & Quality

    International Windows uPVC windows and doors are engineered with higher quality materials for better durability and insulation than standard vinyl doors on the market. Improved material and innovative manufacturing process deliver a longer life with no maintenance.

  • Comfort & Energy Saving

    International Windows provides the highest level of comfort and savings. Enjoy the quiet comfort of your home with sound reduction technology. And enjoy the climate indoors with the highest insulation standards with better U-Value.

  • Advanced Beauty & Design Versatility

    International Windows offers a more versatile product line to enhance window beauty and functionality, providing more flexibility with design options that is more suitable for large window openings.

  • Environmentally Friendly & Maintenance Free

    The manufacturing of PVC windows requires two-thirds less energy than aluminum windows, thus reducing CO2 emissions. UPVC windows do not require painting or any chemical maintenance, reducing impact on the environment, and providing a lifetime of maintenance-free windows.

  • Site Measurement

    Our sales staff provide on site measurement base on customer requirement to provide an accurate costing to our customer.

  • Site Consultation

    Our technical team will provide our customers on the best solution suited based on the types of projects.

  • Site Installation

    Our installation teams have been trained by our German partner to install our windows and doors system based on the European Standard.

  • Site Inspection

    Once your project is completed our site inspector ensure that the work has done up to the standard.

  • Apartment

    Mao Tse Toung

  • Replacement Projects

    New World | Sopheak Mongkul | BKK

  • Hospital

    Hospital Maliya

  • Building

    Airport Radio Tower